AI Encoding

AI Encoding

DIVA AI-enhanced Encoding

Broadcasting and streaming service industry has implemented a novel video codec with improved compression rates and exceptional visual quality to enhance video excellence. Yet, each adoption of a fresh video codec demands significant financial commitment. While the past saw a positive return on investment during the transition period to new codecs, the recent trend of shorter replacement cycles and increased codec demands has raised investment-related apprehensions.

To address this, we have developed a solution to attain similar effects as new codecs while preserving most of the existing service chain. This led to the creation of HERO's DIVA (Dynamic Intelligent Video Adaptive) encoding, an AI-driven video technology utilizing deep learning.

HERO's DIVA Encoding, the latest feature utilizing machine learning technology, improves existing broadcasting environments and provides more efficient encoding and streaming capabilities. Currently, the same target bit rate and encoding settings are applied to all video content services, regardless of the specific characteristics of each video. To improve efficiency, it would be beneficial to establish different target bit rates or encoding settings based on the type of content. Furthermore, for optimal results, it would be even more efficient to customize settings by further segmenting the same content.

Witness Media Excel's cutting-edge DIVA encoding technology in the video clip below, which utilizes state-of-the-art AI video encoding technology to deliver the highest quality visuals to customers while simultaneously reducing costs to provide a competitive edge.

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