TV Everywhere is an evolving strategy of MSO's. They can no longer afford to only manage video distribution to their set top boxes as new entrants encroach on their market space. As new playback devices are released and new distribution technologies are adapted the landscape of delivering video anywhere their customer demands constantly changing and strategies have to change with it. MSO's need to adopt strategies like Super Headends, Regional Headends, Edge Transcoding while still complying with their traditional technology like SCTE35 for local ad insertion. Media Excel's HERO product provides the flexibility to adapt to their changing needs and the power to deliver the required density for a cost effective solution. VOD is a critical part of MSO's offerings for TV Everywhere and Media Excel's solution is flexible enough to provide for a variety of workflows in creating VOD assets. Media Excel's HERO product can produce VOD assets on the fly during transcoding for live broadcast or the HERO can be run as an off-line transcoding creating encoded files on schedule. Either way the results are a superior quality product that can be delivered to any screen.