Remote Management System for complete visibility and control over all IPTV, MobileTV and VoD Transcoding Services. Designed to cooperate closely with all HERO Transcoding Products in order to deliver 24/7 availability and superior QoS for both Live and File-based Transcoding Services. HMS is fully customizable and can accommodate simultaneously different failover policies allowing operators, systems integrators and content owners to deploy services organically with minimum operational cost.


  • Single or multiscreen field-operation content encoding Maximize Resource Utilization and Flexibility: One encoder appliance can be remotely configured for Live or VoD, for IPTV or OTT etc workflows
  • Wide Standards Support: TCP/IP, HTTP, XML, REST, SNMP. Integrated network monitoring support with any SNMP monitoring tool (Dataminer, Openview, Tivoli, etc)
  • Reliable and Efficient: Fully redundant, auto-failover, remotely configurable 1RU appliance, user-defined failover groups and triggers
  • Intuitive Web-based User Interface: Fast service deployment and pain-free maintenance
  • Secure: LDAP-based user authentication, multi-level user permissions, auditing, backup & restore of system configuration
  • Cost Effective: Low total cost of ownership
  • Flexible: Manages and controls on-demand transcoding operations, support for single or multiple appliances; delivering multiple simultaneous streams
  • Versatile: Manages encoders across multiple form-factors (appliances, virtual, cloud), across workflows (Live-to-Live, File-to-File, Live-to-VoD, File-to-Live) and across multiple sites/locations


  • SNMP v.2 alerts / traps / remote control
  • Web Management Console
  • XML-based profiles
  • Edit profiles while in use
  • Constant monitoring of I/O streams
  • Interface with DRM/KMS systems
  • MPTS scan for PID selection (ASI/IP)
  • Monitoring enhancements
    • Multi-user support & LDAP integration
    • Auto-restart of failed channels
    • Auto-sense input loss
    • Auto-generated mosaic view
  • Failover enhancements
    • Individual channel control
    • Integration with ASI/SDI switches
  • NIC bonding/teaming & VLANs
  • Fast & secure remote firmware upgrade
  • Enhanced logging system with dynamic verbosity
  • Factory Reset Automation
  • REST based API for integration with 3rd party solutions


  • Fast and Secure Deployment
  • Centralized Visibility and Control for All Transcoding Tasks
  • Significantly Reduced Operational Costs
  • 24/7 Service Availability