HERO Cloud powers Live and VoD workflows in a ground/virtual infrastructure, a commercial cloud service provider or both. HERO Cloud is not a managed service, instead it enables operators and content aggregators to set up encoding/transcoding workflows within their own private cloud or with a commercial cloud provider. Operators can set up diverse workflows to accommodate established, emerging and unpredicted demand in a strategic, yet agile, architecture.

HERO Cloud, running on a commercial or private cloud, is an extremely cost-effective solution for broadcasters, content distributors, telcos, and cable operators seeking to monetize the growing opportunities in video across multiple screens. The platform alleviates concerns about the cost to implement services and the risk of investing in capital that quickly becomes obsolete as standards change. Cloud transcoding brings a vast resource to organizations which do not want to invest in on-site transcoding hardware, have unpredictable demand for services, or have short term transcoding projects where making capital expenditures does not make good business sense. It is also a great solution for capacity overflows.


  • Cloud-only Live/Linear Transcoding: HERO natively ingests Live feeds on the Cloud, without packet-loss, preserving the Quality of Experience for all multiscreen delivery workflows.
  • Cloud-only File/VoD Transcoding: HERO utilizes object storage and elastic processing power allocation to dramatically accelerate turnaround time for media editing and publishing workflows.
  • Hybrid Headend/Cloud Live and/or File Transcoding: HMS provides a unified management layer across fixed and cloud Live/ VoD transcoding infrastructure, enabling dynamic allocation of resources for capacity overflows or short-term needs.


  • HEVC and UltraHD/4K ready
  • Software-only solution for rapid service deployment
  • Installs on virtualized architectures, x86 blades or COTS/IT servers
  • Enables both Live/Linear and File/VoD transcoding workflows
  • Cooperates seamlessly with local and remote HERO units
  • Delivers unmatched video quality and service reliability
  • Scales in parallel with service demand and business growth
  • Synchronizes across instances to deliver frame-accurate adaptive and highly-available workflows

HERO Cloud Platform

Private Cloud hosts:
  - Docker, Kubernetes, Openstack etc
  - VMWare, KVM, Hyper-V, etc

Public Cloud hosts:
  - Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Alibaba, Google
  - ATOS, IBM, Fujitsu, NTT, etc

Live/Linear Ingest:

File Ingest:
  - TS, MP4, MXF, ISMV, etc.
  - block & object storage NFS, CIFS, Azure Blob, Amazon S3 etc

Pricing Models

Annual/Monthly License:
  - Pricing based on number of inputs/services and encoding profiles
  - Unlimited usage (bandwidth, hours etc) throughout the period

Site-wide License
  - Floating licenses based on a cumulative number of services (e.g. SD, HD, UHD)
  - Services can be interchanged (e.g. 1 HD license can be used as 2 SD licenses etc)
  - Unlimited usage (bandwidth, hours etc)

Hourly License
  - Bulk purchase of processing hours to be used within a period
  - Metering based on usage reports

License prices do not include the cost of the compute component.
Graduating discounts for volume and/or multi-period commitment