Media Excel's 4K Ultra HD HEVC Encoder opens the next level of video experiences for customers of premium broadcast, cable and satellite, mobile and OTT/TVE services. The HERO 4K Encoder meets and exceeds the rigorous demands required for UHD/HEVC elevated processing power, using reduced bandwidth transport capacity while providing superior 4K video quality and 60fps motion fluency. For both Live and File workflows, at the datacenter or in the cloud, HERO 4K provides production-ready 4K HEVC that is standards compliant and field proven.

Increasingly more operators worldwide trust their most valuable Live and File content to Media Excel's HERO 4K Encoder for pristine video quality without compromises. The combined result of 4K pixel density, 60 fps motion fluency and 10-bit color depth is an unmatched viewing experience.


  • High performance platform (datacenter or cloud)
  • Pristine video quality and motion fluency
  • Unmatched compression/bandwidth efficiency
  • 60fps 4K UltraHD encoding
  • HEVC/H.265 main and main-10 profiles
  • AVC/H.264 BL, MP & HP up to level 5.2
  • Encoding/Transcoding for Live & File workflows
  • Mezzanine, broadcast and adaptive output formats
  • Standards-compliant and field-proven implementation
  • Input, service and platform level failover

The Cost Effective Cloud Advantage

The HERO 4K Encoder incorporates Media Excel's HERO Clone transcoding technology, a state-of-the-art symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) encoding framework. To address Ultra HD content processing scalability and expandability needs, HERO Clone enables distributed real-time/Live encoding and faster than real-time/File transcoding for HEVC UltraHD at the datacenter or in the cloud.

At the datacenter, HERO 4K delivers real-time UHD encoding and faster than real-time UHD File transcoding within a 2RU server footprint.

In the Cloud, HERO 4K natively clones itself into the multiple available servers and processes content homogeneously to reach the performance of real-time or faster than real-time transcoding for premium VoD UHD assets.

HERO 4K is a proven, reliable, scalable solution that substantially enhances Quality of Experience for the most demanding yet most profitable audience segments, improving the operator-s bottom line and market position.